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About Our Mini Dental Implants Dentist

Mini Dental Implant

At Sunshine Dental Group, we are amongst the most qualified mini dental implant providers in Melbourne’s western suburbs, with over 35 years of quality training and experience.

You will be welcomed by our friendly and caring staff. Our clinic is equipped with the latest equipment and technology for the treatment of tooth loss, dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry.

We value in getting to know each and every patient to ensure we know their needs and tailor a plan to reach their desire outcome.

Our Offering

Accepting All Private Health Insurance

Our clinic can provide on the spot health insurance claim, making it convenient for our patients.

Payment Plan Option Available

We have a variety of payment options available to assist our patient’s financial situation.

Free Mini Implants Consultation

FREE Consultation
FREE Quote.

Local High Grade Material Used

We only use the highest quality locally made material for all of our laboratory work

Success Stories

mini implant case before
mini implant case after
Mini Dental Implant Case

Patients will be amazed by how easily mini dental implants are able to secure and stabilize dental prosthetics for the look and feel of naturally growing teeth.

Treatment stages:

  • After a small amount of dental anesthesia is placed, a mini dental implant is secured to the jaw bone by placing a pin hole in the bone and inserting the dental implant gently by hand.
  • Next your denture is fitted with a snap that attached to the implants and gives your dentures security.
  • After the mini dental implant solution, there is no need for denture adhesives and you can still remove your dentures for hygiene.
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dental implants cases

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